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Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority that provides free SSL/TLS certificates through an automated process. Let's Encrypt is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a more secure and privacy-respecting web experience for everyone.

To obtain a free SSL/TLS certificate from Let's Encrypt, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a web host that supports Let's Encrypt certificates. Many popular web hosting providers support Let's Encrypt, and some even offer automatic integration with their hosting services.

  2. Install the Let's Encrypt client software. Let's Encrypt provides client software that can be installed on your web server to automate the process of obtaining and installing SSL/TLS certificates.

  3. Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). The Let's Encrypt client software will prompt you to generate a CSR, which includes information about your domain name and server configuration.

  4. Verify ownership of your domain. Let's Encrypt uses a process called "domain validation" to verify that you own the domain for which you are requesting an SSL/TLS certificate. This process involves adding a DNS record or creating a file on your web server to prove ownership of the domain.

  5. Obtain and install the SSL/TLS certificate. Once your domain ownership has been verified, Let's Encrypt will issue your SSL/TLS certificate, which can then be installed on your web server.